Demi, The Remembrance Elephant

We love opportunities to show off the great work that our students are doing all over the world. Adri Stander, a Certified Practitioner in Montessori for Aging and Dementia in South Africa, is also a talented jewelry designer. She has chosen to bring awareness to and raise money for Alzheimer’s disease through her artwork. Her jewelry makes a great gift for a loved one, friend, or colleague.

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Redstone Presbyterian Shares How They Live the Montessori Philosophy

The Brush Development team has had the privilege of working with Redstone Presbyterian Communities in Pennsylvania for the past 7 months. We have provided staff training, regularly coaching calls, design advice, and monthly in person mentoring visits to help three of their communities fully implement the Montessori philosophy. In this article, they share what Montessori means to them.

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Inspiring Montessori Community in Romania (Spanish translation provided)

The word for this month is definitely INSPIRATION! I am very blessed that I am able to travel to so many interesting places, share my vision of dementia care, inspire others, and learn from those I meet. I have just returned from Finland, Ireland and Romania where I taught workshops and also took time to learn about the culture and experience some remarkable places. So how has this inspired the way that I approach dementia care?

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EVERGREEN HOUSE – An innovative memory care environment using Montessori best practices

Evergreen House is the The Village at Summerville’s new memory support neighborhood, which is currently under construction. From Evergreen House’s inception, I have worked in conjunction with Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina and McMillan Pazdan & Smith Architects to design this unique community, which will fully implement the Montessori for Aging and Dementia philosophy.

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ON THE ROAD AGAIN… From Can’t to Can Do! Travels to Finland

I love traveling, seeing new things, and meeting wonderful people along the way. The relationships formed during travel are some that I cherish the most. Certainly, COVID has put a damper on that for all of us. In 2019 I was scheduled to go to Finland and present my From Can’t to Can Do! Montessori for Aging and Dementia program. Of course, that was cancelled, and after rescheduling twice, I am pleased to be leaving next week for Helsinki! A group of wonderfully determined women who I first met in Prague are hosting my visit in order pioneer change in elder care. Their group is called Muisti Montessori and here is their story.

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“But, we can’t leave materials out in our community – the residents will take things back to their room!”

In a Montessori community for older adults, a wide range of interesting materials are available on accessible shelves and tables from which individuals can choose. This idea often makes staff in long term care communities nervous when they first learn about it. “You mean everything is out all of the time? You don’t put it away and then bring it to them? Everyone in our community would take things into their rooms. This is never going to work!” I hear this at every single workshop I teach. It can work.

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What should I say when residents ask me to take them home?

One of the most common questions I am asked by my clients is, “What do I say when residents repeatedly ask me to take them home?” If you work in long term care, you have encountered this before. You may have told the person, “You live here at Sunny Acres now.” Or you may have tried redirecting the person by changing the topic and never answered the question. Do you like to be redirected and ignored when you ask a question? My guess is no. People with memory loss can feel ignored too. Either response you tried likely did not solve the problem, and now both you and the elder feel bad. So, what do you do?

Behind Closed Doors in Long Term Care During COVID-19

Seniors living in long term care communities have been more isolated than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people with advanced dementia are not safe behind closed doors. They are often dependent on trained caregivers to help them meet their basic daily needs; that is why they are living in long term care communities. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is hitting long-term care communities hard and they are attempting to stop the spread by keeping people in their rooms behind closed doors.

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Introducing Montessori for Elders in Norway

Elisabeth Rydland and Carolyn Magnussen are the first AMI Certified Practitioners in Montessori for Dementia and Ageing in Norway. They share a new, rewarding perspective, one that provides a deeper value to the Montessori philosophy and enhances quality of life for elders and people with dementia.

An Unusual Companion During COVID-19

Seniors living in long term care communities have been more isolated than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is especially confusing and isolating for people living with dementia. Many have been quarantined in their rooms for long periods of time and have little contact with others. Here are some unexpected but helpful tools to help meet their basic needs of companionship and communication.