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Jennifer Brush has authored a wealth of resources for those who want to develop dementia care competence.

Muistimontessorin Avulla Parempaa Vanhusten Hoitoa
Appeared in Suomen Montessoriliiton Vuosijulkaisu, 2021 | Written by Susan Wilander | In Finnish

Kvinesdal Har Landets Forste Montessi Sykehjem
From NYhetter, June 2022 | Written by Daniel Tonnessen | In Norwegian

Montessori For Eldre Og Mennesker Med Demens
Published in Montessori Magasinet in Norway, 2022 | In Norwegian

20Q: Incorporating Montessori into Speech-Language Pathology Practice, (2022).

Using the Montessori Philosophy to Support Individuals Living with Dementia
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Intergenerational Montessori Program for Adults with Memory Concerns.
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Meaningful Engagement Through Montessori
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Person Centered Care and Resident Choice: 6 Steps to Giving Elders a Voice in Their Care
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Join the Revolution: How Montessori for Aging and Dementia Care Can Change Long Term Care
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Developing a Signage System that Supports Wayfinding and Independence for Persons with Dementia
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A Process for Care Planning for Resident Choice
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Coaching Care Partners Who Support Loved Ones with MCI
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Using Spaced Retrieval to Effectively Treat Dysphagia in Clients With Dementia
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Everyone Has a Voice in Environmental Upgrades
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Evidence-Based Long-Term Care Design
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Creating Home and Building Community II: The Urban Experience
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Recognizing Dysphagia at Meals
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Jennifer Brush has authored a wealth of resources for those who want to develop dementia care competence.

“Thank you for helpful ideas to make practical changes to the residents' environment to increase successful Activities of Daily Living interactions. I liked the idea of contrast bathroom wall color to toilets, towels, etc. to assist residents to distinguish between objects in their environment.”

“Jennifer makes the point that lighting, noise, and contrast are important contributors to food intake and participation in daily life. She makes excellent suggestions for enhancing the inclusion of older individuals in daily activities.”

“Great ideas for promoting best environment for patients to have best success during mealtimes.”