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AGE WELL: Your Guide to Senior Health and Wellness

AGE WELL: Your Guide to Senior Health and Wellness

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Montessori for Elder and Dementia Care
Reader's Favorite | 5 Stars


Montessori for Elder and Dementia Care

By Jennifer A. Brush

Written by an international Montessori and dementia expert, this indispensable guide to Montessori for elders makes it possible for any care provider to understand and implement this innovative approach to aging.

Jennifer Brush shows care communities how to create and sustain a team that integrates the Montessori philosophy throughout daily life and successfully promotes elders’ functional skills, independence, and identity. Based on her years as a researcher, clinician, and educator, Brush clearly explains the concepts behind this highly person-centered approach, how to create a prepared environment, and how to increase levels of life engagement for older adults.

Filled with helpful advice, forms, and ready-to-use activities, this thorough guide is essential in implementing the Montessori philosophy with elders or people living with dementia.

$36.99 | Health Professions Press (2020)
Stock#: 70897 | ISBN 978-1-938870-89-7 | 96 pages

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