The Importance of Being Outside

Every morning, the first thing I do is pour myself a big mug of coffee.  The second thing I do is take my standard poodle,  Lucy for a walk.  Today, as I watched the sun rise over the maple trees I was in awe of the shades of red, orange and yellow I observed-the [...]

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First Person in Mexico to Earn AMI Practitioner Certificate!

Congratulations to Julia Ballesteros Senties, the first person in Mexico to earn an AMI Practitioner Certification in Montessori for Dementia and Aging. Julia took the workshop with Jennifer Brush in Minneapolis and then studied with Jennifer for 6 months in the Association Montessori Interationale (AMI) Certificate Program. Julia is a speech and language therapist [...]

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Tips for Creating Signs

Cognitive mapping is our ability to visualize where we are in a certain space.  It allows us to park, go into a store and find our car again, or find the bathroom at night without turning on the lights.  People living with dementia have impaired cognitive mapping skills, so they look for cues in [...]

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Improving Mealtime for People Living with Dementia

Many individuals living with dementia forget to eat or become overwhelmed at the thought of preparing meals or making choices about what to eat.  Rather than care partners taking over every related to meal time, we can often modify the home environment to provide structure, but also gives the person independence, self-esteem and the knowledge [...]

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NCCAP Montessori for Dementia Engagement Certification

I am very excited to announce a new collaboration between The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) and Brush Development Company.  We have  have partnered to offer health care professionals a Montessori for Dementia Engagement Certification. The Montessori for Dementia Engagement Certification curriculum provides a thorough introduction to using Montessori with elders and [...]

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Montessori Thought for the Week

Roles Help to Give our Lives Meaning  A role is the ​purpose that someone has in a ​situation, ​organization, ​society, or ​relationship.  Every day in our lives we play a variety of roles.  We may be a mother, father, spouse, teacher, manager, child, neighbor, care partner, volunteer, etc.  Each of the roles we play [...]

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Communicating with People Living with Dementia

To have the most success during activities and conversations with people with dementia, care partners will need to adjust their style of communication so it is easier for the person with dementia to understand and follow the conversation.  Here are some tips that will ensure success. Consider this Sometimes it is hard to remember [...]

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