Featured Speaker in Prague, Czech Republic

Last week, Association Montessori International held the first European Symposium on Montessori for Aging and Dementia in Prague. I was honored to be one of the featured speakers and chose to speak about making the connection between the Montessori classroom and a Montessori community for elders. I shared with the audience the difference and [...]

Montessori Practical Life Activities for Individuals with Dementia

Adapted from Getting Started with Montessori Volume 1 by Brush & Norris ((c) 2017 Brush Development Company) Dr. Montessori developed practical life activities to help children develop coordination, order, independence, and concentration. By developing those qualities, the child is able to get the most out of the learning experience.  There are four main areas [...]

Follow us in a 12 month journey as we find our way From Can’t to Can Do!

Learn how Brush Development is working alongside staff and residents to implement meaningful change We are off and running with a lot of progress in several areas of our Montessori project at Clark Retirement Community this month! Research First, our researchers, Natalie Douglas, PhD, Michelle Bourgeois, PhD, and students from Central Michigan University working [...]

Brush Development Begins 2017 with an Exciting New Montessori Program at Clark Retirement Community

Stay up to date and learn alongside Jennifer Brush and her team as they implement a model program of person-directed living It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings, and the perfect time to start a new project.  During 2017, I’ll be working with the team at Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan [...]

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Join us during June, Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Speak out.

Let’s not keep secrets any longer. I'm please to welcome Vicki Tapia as our guest this month, author of Somebody Stole My Iron.  By reading about one what daughter's journey was like with Alzheimer's disease, you may find help with the challenges you face. Reticence by Vicki Tapia An unexplained inner drive compelled me to [...]

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Learn! Lead! Improve Lives!

  We are pleased to announce that Brush Development is the first Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training center in the U.S. for Montessori for Aging and Dementia. Jennifer Brush, an AMI Certified Educator, is the only person in the U.S. to offer the two-day Montessori for Aging and Dementia workshop, which is the first step [...]

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Communication Takes Care for Baby Boomers and Beyond

The ability to speak, hear, and understand language and conversation are central to almost every aspect of daily life. Yet, these skills are often taken for granted until someone loses them. For older Americans, communication disorders are among the most common challenges they may face. Unfortunately, these disorders may go untreated for years—or may never [...]

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