The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide

IT’S HERE! The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide

I want to share an exciting new project with you.

For the past year, Margaret and I have had the honor of collaborating with Barbara White (former Deputy Director for the Akron Public Library) to write a Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide. This guide was the brainchild of Bonnie Burman from the Ohio Council of Cognitive Health. Most of you probably don’t work for a library, so you may ask why we are sharing this with you. Well, this FREE Guide is filled with detailed information about dementia for care partners that you are welcome to print and share, as well as many step-by-step directions for making over 60 engaging Montessori-related activities.

Please take the time to read about our new FREE resource below and download your copy today!

Introducing The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide

This new Guide invites libraries to join together with Ohioans across the state who are working hard to change the dementia narrative from one of tragedy to one of purposeful and engaged community living!

The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health’s Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide, including Ohio’s unique Memory Activity Kits. Throughout this FREE resource you will see, not only that living well with dementia is possible, but also that libraries have a vital role to play in making this happen. The library, as a social gathering and learning place that serves people at all stages of life’s journey, is the right place to move this “living well with dementia” effort forward, and so it is with great excitement that we share these materials with you.

Interest within the library professional community has been growing, with many libraries asking us how they can become more dementia inclusive, in ways that fit the size of their communities, budgets, and staffing levels. In response, we created this Guide so that this information, along with supporting materials and guidance, is available and accessible to all libraries throughout our great state. Whether your library is big or small, located in a city, suburban, or rural setting, this Guide provides the step-by-step support needed to grow your inclusion work to better embrace those living with dementia and those who support them.

With this Guide and its detailed and ready-to-implement steps for growing staff development opportunities, community allyship, programming, accessible website resources, and Memory Activity Kits, our goal is to partner with you, hand in hand, to assist you in finding what dementia inclusive programming will work for your library in your community.

Reading this, but you aren’t from a library?

You are welcome to use this information for your organization or community to create an engaging dementia friendly environment. This guide is full of ideas that many different community groups can implement.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find inside…

The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide - Section I - Roadmap to Implementation

Section I
Roadmap to Implementation

  • Creating Your Dementia Inclusive Library: First Steps
  • Launching Your Initiative
  • Dementia Inclusive Library Programming and Resource Development
  • Introduction to Memory Activity Kits

The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide - Section II - Memory Activity Kits

Section II
Memory Activity Kits

Step by step directions for creating over 60 Memory Activity Kits, plus handouts and resources for patrons about how to live a better life with dementia.

Memory Activity - Smelling Spices

The Dementia Inclusive Public Library Guide - Section III - Additional Resources

Section III
Additional Resources

  • Sample letters to help solicit donations and build community allies.
  • Sample Promotional Materials
  • Sample Website Page
  • Sample Memory Activity Kit Evaluation Form

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