Ilda Guadalupe Villarreal Rodriguez

Ilda Guadalupe Villarreal Rodriguez

Ilda's experience as a Montessori guide, combined with her understanding of the abilities, needs, and interests of the individual she worked with, allowed her to create a tailored approach using Montessori materials from various areas. She carefully modified the level of complexity and provided appropriate extensions to match the individual's cognitive abilities.

The outcomes of Ilda's approach were nothing short of marvelous. By engaging the person with the Montessori materials, she successfully sparked their interest and fostered their active participation. This level of engagement is crucial for cognitive stimulation and overall well-being. The individual's cognitive functions showed significant improvement as a result of Ilda's efforts.

The positive impact on the individual's cognitive abilities also had a broader effect on their family. Witnessing the progress and increased engagement of their loved one, the family became motivated to seek medical support once again. This decision was driven by the recognition of the potential for further diagnosis and appropriate treatment, taking into account the individual's newfound engagement and cognitive improvement.

Ilda's approach not only enhanced the individual's cognitive abilities but also empowered the family to take proactive steps towards better understanding and supporting their loved one. This highlights the profound influence of the Montessori Philosophy in promoting individual growth and encouraging families to seek appropriate resources and assistance.

The use of Montessori materials, modified to suit the individual's needs, interests, and cognitive abilities, played a vital role in this transformative experience. Ilda's expertise as a Montessori guide allowed her to leverage the power of these materials effectively, creating an environment that nurtured the individual's development and inspired their family to explore further support.

This inspiring story demonstrates the profound impact of the Montessori approach when applied with care, understanding, and customization. By recognizing the potential of each individual and tailoring the approach to their unique needs, Montessori practitioners like Ilda can unlock remarkable outcomes and empower families to seek the best possible care and support for their loved ones.

One of Ilda’a cases was in charge of sweeping every day. He acquired brain damage so she could see his improvement every day in his language, cognition, mobility etc. He didn’t have a diagnosis but since his family saw him worked with Ilda and his improvement the family decided to take him finally to the doctor for some further studies.

 “In this picture, I am working with the cylinder blocks with “SEGL”. I considered the activity I suggested to be very relevant due to SEGL's constant interest in the materials of the sensorial area. After the shown activity, SEGL worked with the 4 cylinder blocks, successfully completing the task, increasing their periods of concentration, and reconnecting their sensory experiences with motivation and enthusiasm. I am grateful for life and delighted with SEGL's achievements. Thanks to Brush Development, the Montessori Association International, and Julia Ballesteros, who skillfully guided us and accompanied us in such a privileged experience.” Ilda Guadalupe Villareal Rodríguez.

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