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Meet Our New Partner, Penny McPeak!

With a passion for photography, Penny McPeak started Penny & Lucy Lou Art in May of 2013, a truly unique art line that stands out by offering custom products for any type of interior or exterior art installation. All art is a turn-key finished product, created digitally, printed on various substrates, and manufactured in the Carolinas. 

The art used in dementia communities fills two roles: helping the residents with wayfinding and providing locally themed artwork for the walls. Residents use the art, which is printed using large images and vivid colors, as their wayfinding tools through the community. This promotes their independence and opportunity for freedom to explore their community and home. 

The materials used to print art for memory-care use are all non-glare, flat sheen materials: ¼” white polyvinyl and 1 ½” gallery-wrapped canvas. To avoid residents bumping into the art as it projects off the wall, the edges are rounded slightly. The gallery-wrapped canvas and polyvinyl materials are installed with hardware that locks it to the wall. 

All inks used to print on the substrates are UV cured adhering directly to the substrate material. The color printed for use in dementia wayfinding is at 200% or double the original coloration. This allows the colors to be very vibrant and bold for residents to be able to see the art clearly. A coating of clear ink can be printed atop the ¼” polyvinyl for extra protection of the ink if it needs to be cleaned by staff. 

Samples of their product are available for shipping. To learn more, visit their website at www.pennyandlucylou.com

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