Learn! Lead! Improve Lives!

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  We are pleased to announce that Brush Development is the first Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training center in the U.S. for Montessori for Aging and Dementia. Jennifer Brush, an AMI Certified Educator, is the only person in the U.S. to offer the two-day Montessori for Aging and Dementia workshop, which is the first step [...]

Communication Takes Care for Baby Boomers and Beyond

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The ability to speak, hear, and understand language and conversation are central to almost every aspect of daily life. Yet, these skills are often taken for granted until someone loses them. For older Americans, communication disorders are among the most common challenges they may face. Unfortunately, these disorders may go untreated for years—or may never [...]

“It’s a true little gem of a book.”

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This week, I’d like to share an interview with me conducted by Vicki Tapia about the book I wrote with Kerry Mills, I Care: A Handbook For Care Partners Of People With Dementia.   Vicki is the author of Somebody Stole My Iron, a family memoir about dementia.  You can learn more about it at [...]

How do you explain dementia to a six year old?

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I would like to welcome Matthew Adams to our blog this month.  He is trying to provide a solution to a  very difficult question-how do you explain dementia to a child when we ourselves are having trouble understanding it?  I applaud his efforts and hope that the Ally Bally Bee Project helps destigmatize dementia and [...]

Spaced Retrieval: Enabling People with Memory Loss to Lead More Independent Lives

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Twenty years ago while working at a long-term care community, I learned about a memory-training strategy called Spaced Retrieval, which is used to teach people with memory loss new or previously known information. I began using this strategy with people who had Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, aphasia and other conditions that cause [...]

20 Top Tips for Mental Fitness

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There is not a magic pill, at least not yet, that can prevent memory loss, ward off cognitive decline, or keep us young and healthy forever, but we can help to maintain  our brain health by reducing stress, having a positive attitude, engaging in social activities, being more physically active and challenging ourselves mentally. If [...]

An Unsung Hero…The Family Caregiver

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This week I welcome Vicki Tapia as a guest blogger, family care partner, and advocate for people with dementia.    By Vicki Tapia: In 2004, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s-related dementia and a few months later, my mother with Alzheimer’s disease. That was the year I became a caregiver. While my parents didn’t reside with me, [...]

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month & National Family Caregivers Month

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In honor of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month this November, I am offering some helpful tips for the many men and women helping to care for and support their loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease or another type of dementia. Below are the top five most effective tips for positive communication [...]

New Online Training Available to Help Navigate Neurocognitive Disorders

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As health care professionals, our role is to collaborate with older adults, to help them fill-in the gaps of their abilities and to help them succeed at doing what they want to do. Brush Development Company is offering a new 12-hour online, one-on-one private course that invites, encourages and challenges speech-language pathologists and other health [...]