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I Care Inspires Care Partners of People with Dementia

Fear, frustration and stress – Being a care partner of a loved one with dementia is physically and emotionally difficult, but help and support are available. I Care: A Handbook for Care Partners of People With Dementia, written by Jennifer Brush and Kerry Mills, provides caregivers a sense of hope and inspiration to make the most of each day and to continue to see their loved one as a whole person with strengths and abilities.

This award-winning handbook guides caregivers through ways to promote greater independence and self-sufficiency for the person with dementia. I Care offers practical advice on how to manage changes in communications, memory loss and behavior, make the home safer and more supportive, address financial and legal issues and more. It also gives easy to understand explanations for the changes in brain function that loved ones with dementia are experiencing.

I Care provides help for the caregiver, so he or she can continue to offer compassionate support to their loved one with dementia.

This handbook also serves as a great resource for long-term care communities and home health agencies as a training guide for staff and as a leave behind for families.

Communities who want to use I Care as a training guide or leave behind will receive a special discount – over 50% off if they order 30 copies.

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