From Surviving to Thriving: 10-Day Toolkit for Care Partners


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Self-Paced Online Course

The focus of this course is to provide family and professional care partners with a toolkit on how to manage the challenges that come with caring for a person with dementia. In each 10-minute lesson, we highlight easy to use techniques that you can begin to implement today!

You will have access to this course up to 1-year and will be able to watch each lesson multiple times, in fact, we encourage multiple viewings for best comprehension.

This course includes:

  • 10 short pre-recorded videos that you may access in your online account and watch at your convenience, with no limit to the number of times you watch it.
  • Handouts in your online account that highlight key information and summarize the content.  You can print these handouts at any time.
  • Tip sheets in your online account to improve overall health and well-being for both you and the person with dementia.
  • Activity guides for you and the person with dementia to encourage participation in daily tasks and to enhance connection.
  • Over the last 30 years, we have received countless questions regarding dementia care. So, using our years of experience, we compiled solutions to the most common challenges that care partners experience and turned these into a straightforward, and easily accessible program, comprised of 10 bite-sized modules.

In just 10 short videos in 10 days, we help you effectively meet the challenges of caregiving with dementia. No matter if you are a family member or professional care partner this online self-paced program is for YOU.