Can Do! Dementia Care Certification (ONLINE)


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Can Do! Dementia Care Certification

Can Do! Dementia Care Certification

Easy to access, super flexible, 10-module program for health care professionals and family members. If you work with or care for someone with dementia, this is essential information you need.

You will receive 10 essential 30 to 45-minute prerecorded modules with handouts and step by step activity plans that provide:

  • Effective communication tools to use with elders to improve care delivery
  • Self-care and stress management techniques for health care professionals to reduce burnout
  • Strategies for understanding, preventing, and managing walking about and sun downing
  • Game plans for preventing a variety of responsive behaviors that will improve quality of life and minimize stress
  • Blue prints for purposeful activities for all levels of cognitive impairment that will increase elder engagement
  • Memory support strategies that really work to reduce anxiety and improve functioning

Price $99 includes certificate. All sales are final, no refunds are given.

This is meant to be a single user course. Group subscriptions for care communities are available at a discounted price. All sales are final, refunds are not provided.