Ways to Work With Jennifer

At Care Communities

Are you a long-term care community or adult day program that wants to remodel or build a new dementia program?

Brush Development provides detailed onsite evaluations of existing programs and physical spaces as well as plan reviews for designs of new spaces.

Using the latest research-based design guidelines we will recommend the most effective ways to create spaces that engage and support elders and positively influence staff attitudes and behaviors.  Our follow up training in redesigning dementia care will help you to:

  • Discover a powerful (and little-known) approach to dementia care that will totally change your perspective on aging and dementia
  • Learn the first thing you should do to create a sense of community between staff and residents (it’s not what you think)

Of course, we are very well known for helping care communities to implement the Montessori philosophy.  We have a 12-month program that walks communities through every step of successful implementation.  Our staff provides engaging and interactive in person staff training, twice monthly coaching meetings, virtual staff training, volunteer training, and monthly in person visits.  In addition, communities receive a detailed workbook with everything they need to  know from choosing and arranging Montessori materials to completing person-centered assessments and creating memory care marketing material.

For more information on private environment and programming evaluations, live From Can’t to Can Do! Workshops, and consulting:

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At Conferences

Do you want Jennifer to speak at your conference? She is an expert in the areas of dementia care, dysphagia, spaced retrieval memory intervention, Montessori for Aging and Dementia, and environmental design for individuals with dementia. Jennifer has spoken to global audiences on these issues.

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New Product and Technology Awards Winner


Our help for families, an internet based Dementia Coaching service, was awarded a bronze medal in the New Product & Technology Awards recognizing innovative products & services for older adults and their families. You can access these award winning services from anywhere in the world!

In Your Own Home

Did you or your family member receive a dementia diagnosis? You are not alone.

The Cleveland Clinic Euclid Hospital Geriatric Assessment Program hands out Jennifer's book  I Care as recommended reading to individuals who want to learn how to be a great care partner with their loved one. That’s a good place to start your journey.

If you have a loved one living with dementia, proactive, comforting assistance is available. Jennifer Brush offers online coaching and flexible access to a leading dementia expert – in the privacy of your own home, anywhere in the world. Jennifer provides knowledgeable consultation in a supportive manner that provides hope and customizes care to meet the unique needs of your loved one. She will meet with your family and help you develop a strategy that enables you to cope with the day to day challenges of dementia.

Expert Dementia Coaching Right in Your Home or Office

  • Home visits made for those living in Northeast, Ohio.
  • Personalized consultation available from anywhere in the world.
    All you need is a computer with a web cam and high-speed internet connection.
  • Services arranged at a convenient time during the day, evening or weekends.


  • Identification of cognitive and language-based strengths and weakness of the person living with dementia.
  • Creation of a individualized program to maintain skills and abilities and promote mental fitness  with weekly follow-up sessions that focus on memory and problem solving skills.
  • Advice and best practice approaches for families on the most commonly raised issues about memory loss and dementia.
  • Strategies for supporting the person with memory loss to be more independent, happier and engaged in a meaningful life.
  • Suggestions for modifying the home environment to increase safety for cognitive, sensory and physical challenges.
  • Strategies for the family to create successful relationships and communication with loved ones living with dementia.
  • Help planning for future challenges that can be caused by dementia.
  • Information about how to choose home care or long-term care services.
  • You will receive the award-winning book, I Care: A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementiawritten guidance to help you make the most of each day living with memory loss.

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What People Say About Working with Jennifer Brush

Jennifer is smart, diligent, proactive, and most of all practical. She knows family dynamics and the stress on families who are doing all they can to adjust and to care for their family member. Jennifer communicates with compassion and thoughtfulness, and she knows the nuances involved with identifying the issues and solutions associated with both the complex and the mundane activities of daily living for patients and families attempting to cope with dementia. – S. Bernstein and J. Schwartz

I have mild dementia. My husband and I “meet” with Jennifer via Skype every few weeks, sometimes more often. Whenever we have new issues, i.e., problems due to my cognitive impairment, she offers suggestions that have, so far, proven to be very helpful. Examples include pantry lists of food, i.e., where to find food on which shelves, writing down my recipes and the use of visual-perceptive aids such as reading, solving puzzles, a daily diary and adult coloring books to help preserve my cognitive abilities and help me relax. She also encourages me to ride my stationary bike and enjoy the sunshine every day. Her assistance has improved both of our lives as well as helping us understand what we are experiencing. She deserves recognition for the service she provides. – E. Dobrow

We are so fortunate to have Jennifer Brush as our advocate and Dementia specialist. She has helped our members with cognition issues to remain independent and help them to maintain a full life. One member has shared that she feels so supported and less anxious about her possible decline since she gets to share issues regularly by skyping with Jennifer. Jennifer always has suggestions to give her and her husband to help with issues she might have and strategies to maintain her independence. Personally, I can say she has helped me to think about memory loss at a different level. I have learned so much and feel so supported by her. When, I have a member who has been newly diagnosed with a cognitive impairment or decline, she will give them support and guidance to support them as they progress with their decline. And to help them maintain a full and happy life. We here at Kendal at Home are very fortunate to have her on our team. – T. Lanham, Care Coordinator

Jennifer Brush is a true asset to the members of Kendal at Home. She makes herself available, doing home visits – either in person or by using Skype. The members are given supportive information to help them develop habits to maintain as much independence as possible when they are diagnosed with some form of memory loss. She is comforting to both the members and their families. She always has a strategy – or many strategies – to try to address specific issues that the members may be having. She also teaches the Kendal at Home caregivers on brain health, specific forms of dementia and strategies for dealing with those individuals that have issues with memory loss. As mentioned, she is a true asset and we are so fortunate to have her expertise on our team. – K. Tipton, Care Coordinator

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Caring for a loved one with dementia can be an exhausting and daunting task. We're here to help.

If you are a family or professional care partner, we highly recommend you read I Care.  This easy to understand book is made available at a very reasonable cost to help families and other care partners manage the challenges of dementia in a positive way.

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