An Entire Year of Staff Training – Done for You


Your staff will learn cutting edge dementia strategies and techniques that will make your care community stand out as one of the best, even in the most challenging of times.

When it comes to dementia care, we understand the challenges your staff are facing are greater than ever right now.  Its not unusual for healthcare professionals to feel overwhelmed and burned out, and now with the pandemic, they are pushed to their limit.  It often feels like there’s never enough time for even the most crucial training, but now is the time to provide staff with more tools, not less.

We get it. You’re busy, and as a manager, you probably don’t feel like you have the extra time in your schedule to put together and deliver the staff training they need to thrive. So, I’ve taken care of it for you.

I’ve put together a world-class, done-for-you training program for your staff.

Imagine how your home would run if:

  • all of your staff had excellent communication skills with their team members, families and residents
  • elders were engaged throughout the day in activities they enjoy
  • families were happy and satisfied that their loved ones were getting the care they deserved

Even though you are going through one of the most challenging times in long-term care, it really is possible to offer your staff world class training that meets both regulatory requirements and fits in the hectic work day.

Let me train your staff, and they’ll walk away more competent and successful, with new tools for dementia care.

In just 30 minutes a month, your staff will receive essential information they should not be without.

  • New ideas and skills that will encourage elder independence and increase engagement
  • Effective communication tools to use with elders to improve care delivery
  • Self-care and stress management techniques to reduce staff burnout
  • Proven strategies for preventing responsive behaviors such as “sundowning” or walking about
  • Meaningful, purposeful activities that improve your marketability
  • Memory support strategies that really work to reduce anxiety and improve functioning
  • Can be used to effortlessly onboard new staff

A Year of Training Done for You — Month by Month:


Solving 8 Common Challenges Related to Dementia

Practical time-saving solutions for staff


The Story of Their Lives

Using Memory Books to Engage Elders, Support Memory and Encourage Family Involvement


Prevent Sundowning and Wandering Behaviors

Simple strategies to one of staff’s biggest challenges


Stress Reduction and Self Care Strategies for Care Partners

Quick ways for staff to relax and relieve stress


Understanding Dementia

The Top 10 Questions Answered