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Online CEU Courses Offered by Our Partners

Jennifer Brush has authored a number courses offered by continuing education providers.

Navigating Neurocognitive Disorders

By Jennifer Brush
> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Creative Connections in Dementia Care: Engaging Activities to Enhance Communication

By Jennifer Brush and Katie Norris
> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

A Functional Approach for Achieving Meaningful Goals with Persons with Dementia

By Jennifer Brush, Michelle Bourgeois, and Mary Casper
> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Helping Older Adults Compensate for Sensory Impairment During Meals

By Jennifer Brush

> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Educating Professional and Family Care Partners of People with Dementia

By Jennifer Brush and Kerry Mills

> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Dysphagia Practice: Moving Toward More Comprehensive Treatment Protocols

By Panther, Gross, Arnold, Humbert, Lazarus, and Brush
> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Using the Environment to Support Communication and Activities of Daily Living:
 A Functional Approach for People with Dementia

By Brush, Calkins, Bruce, Sanford, Bourgeois, McConnell, and Chilton
> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Dysphagia and the Older Adult

By Jennifer Brush and Tom Slominski
> Purchase from www.northernspeech.com

Home Modifications for People with Sensory Impairments

By Jennifer Brush and Margaret Calkins.
> Purchase from www.ideasconsultinginc.com

Mealtime Matters at Home

By Jennifer Brush
A training program that builds home caregivers’ skills in the areas of mealtime assistance and swallowing disorders.
> Purchase from www.ideasinstitute.org

Meal Time Matters

By Jennifer Brush
A training program that builds nursing assistants skills in the area of dining assistance and dysphagia.
> Purchase from www.ideasinstitute.org

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“Thank you for helpful ideas to make practical changes to the residents’ environment to increase successful Activities of Daily Living interactions. I liked the idea of contrast bathroom wall color to toilets, towels, etc. to assist residents to distinguish between objects in their environment.”

“This was extremely interesting to me, especially about the increase in intake when lighting was increased. I’m downloading the light meter now so I can see if we can modify the environment at my skilled nursing facility. Thank you so much!”

“Great ideas for promoting best environment for patients to have best success during mealtimes.”

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