If you’re looking for ways to transform your elder care community to an environment of joy and purpose, you’ve come to the right place! We'll show you how to create an environment where older adults can flourish!

Sign up for the From Can’t to Can Do! Montessori for Aging and Dementia course that’s helped countless care providers improve elder engagement and independence, increase staff and family satisfaction, and transform the physical and social environment into a community that flourishes. The result is the care community where everyone wants to live and work!

You will receive access to over 20 videos, useful handouts and implementation activities that walk you through an easy and transformative 12-hour program to get real results. Although most students prefer to complete one lesson a week, since this is a self-paced program, you can sign up at any time and go through it at your own speed. Students have access to all of the material from day one.

PRE-REQUISITE for the AMI Montessori Certification Course.
NCCAP CEUs available.

If you follow the steps in this training, you’ll free up time, reduce work stress and open up a whole new way of thinking about people with dementia. Get ready to create a place where everyone thrives! Its easy to fit in your schedule, just listen to one lesson each week.

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This LIVE VIRTUAL or IN PERSON 12-hour course about Montessori for dementia is for care providers, educators, and families who want to improve their quality of elder care using a dementia care best practices and a Montessori approach for aging and dementia. Offered in English and Spanish. Check our list of Workshops and Seminars for availability or schedule one at your community.

This 12-hour workshop has been used by participants to:

  • Reduce psychotropic medications in their communities
  • Increase levels of activity engagement in persons living with dementia
  • Create a higher quality of life for the individuals in their communities
  • Improve family satisfaction

PRE-REQUISITE for the AMI Montessori Certification Course.

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Can Do! Dementia Care CertificationEasy to access, super flexible, 10-module program for health care professionals and family members. If you work with or care for someone with dementia, this is essential information you need.

You'll receive 10 essential 30–45 minute prerecorded modules with handouts and individual activity plans on the following topics:

  • Effective communication tools to use with elders to improve care delivery
  • Self-care and stress management techniques for health care professionals to reduce burnout
  • Strategies for understanding, preventing, and managing walking about and sun downing
  • Game plans for preventing a variety of responsive behaviors that will improve quality of life and minimize stress
  • Blue prints for purposeful activities for all levels of cognitive impairment that will increase elder engagement
  • Memory support strategies that really work to reduce anxiety and improve functioning

Price $99

This is a single user course. Group subscriptions for care communities are available at a discounted price.

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Sign up for the Practitioner Certification Course after completing the self-paced online class or attending a two-day live workshop. This certification is open to care partners, health care professionals and Montessori educators who want to complete an in-depth study in order to apply the principles of Montessori to elders.

You will receive access to prerecorded lessons and videos, handouts and interactive exercises that walk you through a comprehensive process of becoming a knowledgeable Montessori Practitioner. In addition, you will participate in live monthly meetings with Jennifer and her team of expert coaches to help you in completing the practical case study experiences needed to achieve certification. This is for dedicated students who want to change the way that elder care is provided and make a real impact in the world.

Course available in English and Spanish.

Next registration opens July 1, 2022

PREREQUISITE: ONLINE 12-Hour Montessori Course (Self-Paced ) or LIVE VIRTUAL 12-Hour Montessori Course.

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Does your community need a face lift, but have little money for remodeling? We can help with that!

In this one-hour self-paced online class, Jennifer distills her three decades of expertise conducting long term care environment research into 4 Essential Dementia Friendly Design Guidelines. She’ll show you how to look at your environment with new eyes and will walk you through the steps of transformation using evidence-based, low cost strategies that will help elders and those with dementia thrive.

After applying the solutions from this course, families, staff and residents will immediately notice the positive changes. You CAN do this, and we’ll show you how! You will have 30 days to access the course and handouts.

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Hire Jennifer and her team to be your private Montessori dementia coaches to guide your staff in transforming your community. We will provide on-site staff training, and virtual and face to face coaching to hold your hand through every single step of Montessori implementation for one year. During our coaching sessions, your community will complete a self-assessment and action plan, choose new materials, create a prepared environment, develop a volunteer program, create marketing materials that differentiate you from others, engage families, and much more.

As a result of our training, staff will:

  • Discover how Montessori will totally change their perspective on aging and dementia
  • Learn how to prevent responsive behaviors
  • Create an engaging life enrichment program for memory care
  • Develop the skills to effectively communicate with people with dementia
  • Find increased satisfaction and renewed excitement for their job
  • Be competent in providing person-centered meaningful engagement
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We’ll provide new build or remodeling consultation and design a dementia training program just for you that makes your community the one where everyone wants to live and work.

Services Offered:

  • Collaboration with your interior designer and architect to create a dementia friendly environment
  • Engaging elders positively
  • Creating supportive environments and improving wayfinding
  • Enhancing the mealtime experience
  • Honoring choice while mitigating risk
  • Person-centered care
  • Spaced Retrieval
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