If you’re looking for ways to transform your elder care community to an environment of joy and purpose, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you how to create an environment where older adults can flourish!

Hire Jennifer and her team to be your private Montessori dementia coaches to guide your staff in transforming your community. We will provide on-site staff training, and virtual and face to face coaching to hold your hand through every single step of Montessori implementation for one year. During our coaching sessions, your community will complete a self-assessment and action plan, choose new materials, create a prepared environment, develop a volunteer program, create marketing materials that differentiate you from others, engage families, and much more.

As a result of our training, staff will:

  • Discover how Montessori will totally change their perspective on aging and dementia
  • Learn how to prevent responsive behaviors
  • Create an engaging life enrichment program for memory care
  • Develop the skills to effectively communicate with people with dementia
  • Find increased satisfaction and renewed excitement for their job
  • Be competent in providing person-centered meaningful engagement
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Easy to access, super flexible, monthly program for all of your staff.  Plus, online Montessori training for one staff member. We will provide you with the tools you need to cope with the challenges of dementia care during COVID-19 and moving forward.  The result will be an environment where everyone wants to live and work.

You will receive 12 essential 30-minute prerecorded modules with Trainer’s notes, handouts, and individual activity ideas on the following topics:

  • Effective communication tools to use with elders to improve care delivery
  • Self-care and stress management techniques for health care professionals to reduce burnout during COVID-19
  • Strategies for understanding, preventing, and managing walking about and sun downing
  • Game plans for preventing a variety of responsive behaviors that will improve quality of life and minimize staff stress
  • Blue prints for purposeful activities for all levels of cognitive impairment that will increase elder engagement and improve marketability
  • Memory support strategies that really work to reduce anxiety and improve functioning

As an Annual Subscription member you will receive:

  • Done-For-You Activity Plans – A years’ worth of ready to use one-on-one or small group activity plans. Keep your elders engaged and interested with a new, evidence-based activity each month that includes modifications for individuals with early stage & advanced dementia.  Decrease loneliness and isolation with these fun ideas.
  • On Demand Staff Trainings-A prerecorded staff training module for each month in your online account, use it any time and as many times as you like.  Energize staff with new tools to enhance person centered engagement and improve care delivery. The trainings will be available in MP4 format and will include Summary Handouts and Trainer’s notes for facilitating discussions in small groups.
  • Free 12-hour online Montessori training course